How do I import notes from Evernote?

The following steps will help you quickly import your notes from Evernote into Notesnook.

Exporting your Evernote notebooks

If you are tech savvy and know your way around a computer, you can use a tool like evernote-backup to quickly export all your Evernote notes as .ENEX files.

  1. Open the Evernote Desktop app (its not possible to export notes from the Evernote web app), and go to Notebooks from the side menu:
  2. Click on the three-dot button on each notebook and click on Export Notebook
  3. Choose ENEX format then click on Export, and save it to your desired location. Repeat this for all the Notebooks you want to import into Notesnook.

Importing .ENEX files into Notesnook

Once you have all the .ENEX files containing your Evernote notes, its time to import them into Notesnook.

  1. Go to and select Evernote from the list of apps.
  2. Drop (or select) the .enex files you exported earlier from Evernote, and click the “Start processing” button.
  3. Once the Importer finishes processing your files, download the .zip file.
  4. After you have downloaded the .zip file, go to the Notesnook Web App > Settings > Notesnook Importer. Select the .zip you downloaded earlier and click “Start import” button.
  5. Once importing completes you should see all your notes in Notesnook. If you face any issues during importing, feel free to report them on GitHub.

Supported formats

Notesnook Importer is one of the most robust Evernote importers around supporting almost 100% of Evernote formats. Here’s a list of everything that can (or can’t be) imported into Notesnook:

  • Attachments
  • Web clips (full page, screenshot, bookmark, article, & simplified article are all supported)
  • Tasks (currently only the task items get imported without any metadata)
  • Links
  • Images
  • Rich text (bold, italic, lists etc.)
  • Reminders
  • Internal note links
  • Notebooks
  • Tags