Organize notes with colors

Colors are a simple and quick way to organize your notes.

Assign color to a note

  1. Right click on a note
  2. Click on Assign colors
  3. Assign a color to the note.
  4. You can click on the color again to remove note from that color
  1. Press the Three dot button button
  2. Assign a color to a note from the color strip.
  3. You can press on the color again to remove note from the color

After you assign a color to a note, the note will adapt to that color.

Colored note

Color Shortcuts

Once you add some notes to a color, it will appear on the Side Menu.

Colored note

Renaming a color

Colors can be renamed to anything you want.

  1. Right click on a color in side menu
  2. Click on “Rename color”
  3. Edit the color and click “Save”
  1. Long press on a color in Side menu
  2. Edit the color name and click “Save”